The Story

of how Mama Hazel’s Pecan Pie came to be.

When I was a boy my family and I would spend our summer vacations down in the deep south of Georgia and Alabama visiting my dad’s family. While on the farm in Alabama, my cousins and myself would visit an elderly lady who lived on a farm down the old dirt road by herself, she had no children of her own but was affectionately  known  by  all the  locals  as Mama Hazel. She was known for her kindness to kids , and , her delicious pecan pie that she would happily make and give to all the young’uns who came to see her.  Even as a young boy I was intrigued on how her pecan pie was so much better than the rest. Summer after summer I would spends days with her baking, and eating the pie while listening to amazing tales of the South.

Many Years Later

the taste and smell of Mamas Hazel’s kitchen was just a memory. She had long past and for nearly four decades I never experienced another pecan pie like hers. Now as a grandfather of three, my entire family was getting together for a birthday celebration. I told everyone I was baking a Pecan Pie for desert. They all kid and made fun of me because since Mama Hazel’s kitchen I haven’t been the baker type, but the memories that day overwhelmed me and I wanted my family to enjoy the authenticity of what a real Southern Pecan Pie should be.

When I Arrived

at my son’s house with the pie my nerves grew, I thought to myself maybe after all these years I didn’t remember the recipe or got the ingredients wrong. I was making such a big deal about it and I wanted to duplicate the delicious taste & memories of my childhood for my family to enjoy. They were all a little reluctant to try it at first, but one by one, they each tasted it. As each person tried a slice, they couldn’t help but make that “mmmm!” sound and push for the next person to try it. They kept thinking that everyone was exaggerating on how delicious it was, until… they tried it for themselves.  My son could not believe how good it was, and I sweltered with pride. He just kept saying, “ this is the best pecan pie ive ever had” and everyone agreed. For years it became a demand from the family at every holiday and birthday celebration that I had to bake multiple Pecan Pies. My son, who owns a restaurant put it on the menu and has become one of the reasons people came to the restaurant. One of the best sellers and most requested items on the menu.  We decided to make an everlasting tribute to Mama Hazel and allow the world to experience the joy and happiness with every bite.